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Star Trek™ Fleet Command

Star Trek™ Fleet Command

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Star Trek™ Fleet Command is a game/app by Electronic Arts which is free to play and is available on Steam for Windows OS. The game aims to be a "bridge simulator", which is a fun way of saying a strategy game where you control a spaceship. This is somewhat similar to other games such as Homeworld and Sins of a Solar Empire. 


Star Trek™ Fleet Command gameplay comes in two forms:

The first is the single-player campaign. In this mode, the player takes on the role of a captain of a starship and completes missions using the starship.

The second is multiplayer, which requires the player to choose a starship and fight against other players.

The game is based around a "Rock, Paper, Scissors" system. There are three main ship classes: small, medium, and large, and they have strengths and weaknesses against each other. For example, small ships are very fast and hard to hit, and have a lot of maneuvering power, but they have relatively low hit points. Large ships, on the other hand, are slow and have limited maneuvering power, but have high hit points.


Star Trek™ Fleet Command graphics are an absolute highlight of the game/app. The graphics are so realistic and beautiful, that even the most skilled graphics designers will be impressed and amazed. The mobile app is created by Glu Mobile Inc. The graphics are very detailed and realistic. All the  Star Trek™  fans will get an amazing feeling when they see the graphics in motion. The battles with the Borg and the Klingons are very spectacular. For the first time in the history of the Star Trek™ games, fans can build their own ships and battle it out with other players. The battles are truly breathtaking and very entertaining. The graphics are unique and the game is a lot of fun to play. The graphics are extremely realistic and beautiful.


Star Trek™ Fleet Command replayability is quite good, because you can play with a lot of other people. It's also interesting that you can play with or against your friends. Also you can learn from your mistakes and improve your tactics. So the replayability of the game is really good. And the Star Trek™ Fleet Command replayability is really great.


Star Trek™ Fleet Command is really great game for Star Trek™ fans. They can build their own ships and play this fantastic game. The graphics are so realistic and beautiful that even the most critical Star Trek™ fans will be impressed. The gameplay is also very well done and entertaining. And the control is very easy to use.


  • Strategy aspect
  • Top graphics quality
  • High-end spaceship designing and development process (in-game)
  • Good lobby system


  • Low level of game complexity and gameplay
  • Lack of the game physics
  • Unclear game objectives
By Sienna Granger 18 Jul 2021


Star Trek™ Fleet Command Star Trek™ Fleet Command

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