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Terraria is a game/app for the iOS/Android/Windows Phone/PC that is similar to Minecraft in many ways, but is in my opinion, better.  It's similar to Minecraft in that you dig at the ground and collect resources, and use those resources to build, but it's not a sandbox game like Minecraft.  You can only travel to preset worlds, but you can go back and forth between them as you like, and build in them.  You can also PvP and PVE in the game as well.  

The graphics are pretty good, and the game runs well on all of my devices.  The controls are easy to learn, and it's easy to figure out how to do things.  There are lots of armor, weapons, and tools to use and collect, and you can summon NPCs to help you in your adventures.


In Terraria, you start with a small set of copper tools and slowly progress to great power. You dig up resources and fight mighty bosses for rewards which will allow you to craft more and more powerful weapons, armor and tools. There are hundreds of different items you can craft and there are many ways to play this game.

The game is very fun and addicting, it's not that hard to learn but it can be very hard to master. Personally I like to dig deep into the ground to get iron and then mine it to get all the other ores required to make my tools and weapons, but this can be very time consuming. There are many biomes which contain different monsters, but the monsters aren't too strong, the real challenge lies in the bosses.

There are many bosses which can be encountered in Terraria and they all have different ways to murder them. The Moon Lord is the current hardest boss in the game and he is only available if you defeated all the other bosses and you have all the materials required to summon him.

There are also many different items which can be crafted, ranging from clothing to weapons and tools. The weapons and tools can do a massive amount of damage and the clothing will give you special abilities such as running faster, swimming faster or having increased health.


Terraria has 2D and pixelated graphics, but it isn't that bad and is largely compensated by a great work developers did on lighting, fluid physics and lots of other stuff. All in all, Terraria looks pleasant to the eye and gives a sense of coziness.  Moreover, it is perfectly optimized to run on iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone devices. Also, it is not too demanding to hardware, so almost anyone can play Terraria and experience zero lags.


Terraria has a great amount of content in itself, and even if somewhen it will be too little for you, there are lots of content mods that will make your Terraria world even more diverse and fulfilled. This way, you can play Terraria again and again and you will never get bored of it, because you will still see the same game, but with added content that will keep you busy. In addition, all content mods are free to download, so it is almost like a lot of free DLCs. Besides, it is always fun to play a game with friends, and for sure, you will be able to play Terraria with your friends, so you will never get bored having only one game.


Terraria is a great game which can be played by anyone, even if they are not experienced gamers. It has a very simple gameplay, but it is very fun. It also has a lot of replayability, so you will never get bored of it. In addition it is very optimized and it can run on almost any device. All in all, Terraria is highly recommended to everyone, no matter what you like to play.


  • Lots of content
  • Game is very well optimized
  • Good graphics and sounds
  • Support of modding


  • Much too easy
  • Not so much really original mods
  • Sometimes gets buggy and\or glitchy
By Sienna Granger


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