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Parking Jam 3D

Parking Jam 3D

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Parking Jam D3 is a tricky puzzle game that requires your analytic skills. All the cars around you are stuck and you need to clear the way. This puzzle game was created by Popcore GmbH. It was for mobile platforms only. You can download it either on Android or iOS. It is free of charge.

Learn How to Move the Cars

If you are tired of predictable puzzles with boring candies, cookies, golden stars, and grapes, you have to move to the next level. This is not a simple game with 2D images in front of you. You see the tiny but cute models of the cars and you have to move them. It is exactly how the gameplay looks like. You left your car in the parking lot and when you return you see it is blocked by others. Players have to move these cars in the right order. You can’t move them chaotically or the situation will get worse.

This game is a typical puzzle with all the benefits and rewards you receive after winning the level. You have a table with achievements. With every win, the new level is unlocked. Besides the cars, there is a wide range of different obstacles on your way. You also have limited space in the parking lot. The game will be suitable even for kids. If you want to level up your logic and critical thinking, try to move these cars in proper order.

The whole concept of graphics in Parking Jam D3 is superb. Every detail is well developed. You see the streets with miniature stores and parks around the parking area. You look at them from above, navigating a big hand that has to take cars and move them. It reminds you of the toy cars you were playing with as a kid. However, this game is way more interesting, since the cars are moving, and you will never find the best landscapes around you to feel the atmosphere.

The controls may be challenging the first time. You have to take the car, hold it, and move. There are lots of movements involved. However, this game is perfect to learn the controls and improve your total skills of navigation on your phone. While your main task is to clear your way, you have to do it on time. Each level is more challenging than the others.

There is one goal you have to achieve, that is to move other cars so your vehicle can leave the parking lot. This goal is the same at every new level. However, there are different cars and different parking areas. You also face different types of challenges. Parking Jam D3 is an evergreen puzzle with multiple unlocked levels.

Best Game to Master Your Skills

The game was created for people who love to think and analyze everything they see. You will be able to solve the major problem of the whole city by getting rid of traffic blocks. To do this, you have to understand the order. Move the cars one by one to go to the next level. Parking Jam D3 is a free-of-charge family-friendly game with beautiful graphics and tasks that help you to think better and faster. Your logic skills will be advanced. You can also invite your friends to enter the game to compare the scores later


  • A game that forms logic
  • Tiny cute cars
  • Adorable landscapes
  • Free of charge
  • Evergreen replay value


  • There are cars only
  • Controls can be challenging
By Sienna Granger


Parking Jam 3D Parking Jam 3D

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