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Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor

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Secret Neighbor is a new, free multiplayer game about sneaking into a house, trying not to get caught by the angry house owner. You play as either the house owner or one of the intruders. The object is for the intruders to rescue their friend from the Neighbor's basement, but that's easier said than done.


The gameplay is intuitive and easy to understand, but the gameplay is not the only thing that makes Secret Neighbor so great. The house is randomly generated every time you start the game, so it looks different every time. The house changes depending on the time of day as well as what day of the week it is. This means that the Neighbor's house will look different in the middle of the night than it does in the daylight. The house also changes when you are in the basement.


Secret Neighbor graphics are much like the Hello Neighbor graphics. The game takes place in the basement of a creepy house. It is dark and creepy. The graphics are somewhat cartoonish. The graphics are also not realistic, because the place is dark and gloomy.


This game is pretty much a multiplayer version of a Hello Neighbor, which means now you can play it with your friends. This means that on contrary to the Hello Neighbor, Secret Neighbor has much more replayability because you can share the fun with your friends.


This game is great for players who like both horror and multiplayer. The game is great for players who like to play games with their friends. It is easy to understand, yet it also challenging. The game is not too difficult to play, but it's not too easy either. This game is a definitely a game for everyone.


  • Multiplayer
  • Easy to play


  • Poor graphics
  • Gets repetitive after a while
By Desmond Goodwin


Secret Neighbor Secret Neighbor

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