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Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

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Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is a mobile game developed by IGG. Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is available on iOS and Google Play. Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is a base building game where you build your own castle and battle players from around the world. There are 3 different races, each with its own unique troops, buildings, and upgrades. You can collect different heroes to train and use in battle and there are also a large variety of quests to complete. Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is a base building strategy game that is very similar to Clash of Clans. You are tasked with building and upgrading your base, and can also build and upgrade a variety of buildings and troops. You can also recruit heroes to help you in battle.


Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars gameplay is a strategy game set in the medieval era. The game starts with your castle in the middle of your kingdom and you get to build it up. The game starts off with a tutorial where you are introduced to the basic gameplay of the game. After that, you begin to build your kingdom. In this game, you can build your castle, towns, and forts. You can also upgrade existing buildings, block your castle off from enemies, and take over the enemy's castle. You can also attack other players’ castles. There are many resources in the game. These resources include wood, stone, iron, food, coins, gems, and honor. You can get these resources by building mines and farms, or by sending your troops to gather resources. You can also build marketplaces to trade resources with other players. You can use resources to upgrade your buildings and to make your kingdom have more defenses. Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is a strategy game that will keep you playing for hours.


Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars graphics are hand-drawn and is one of the most important aspects of the game. The graphics are very well done and is one of the things that makes the game very popular. The graphics help to create the fantasy medieval world that players can get lost in. 

The game has an interesting story, and the graphics help to bring it to life. The Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars graphics are very impressive and is definitely one of the reasons why the game is so popular.


Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars replayability can be an issue for some, at least in the early game. However, I've played it for more than a month now and even though I haven't played it much in the last week, I can honestly say that I've never gotten bored of it. I've never felt like the game was stale or that I was tired of it. It's a very fun, addictive game that is constantly evolving. I think one of the reasons for that is the replayability of the game. 


Overall, Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is a really fun game that is very addicting. It's fun to build up your castle and kingdom, and I like that you don't have to pay to win. I would definitely recommend this game, and I'm sure you would like it too.


  • Lots of features
  • Interesting in-game tasks
  • Many game versions
  • Interesting system of heroes development


  • Plenty of "energy" is required when you play
  • Graphics and interface aren't very good
  • Pay-to-win element in the game
By Desmond Goodwin


Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

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