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Homescapes is a game/app that you can play on your mobile device, it is made by Playrix Games. It is a puzzle game that is similar to Gardenscapes and you can play it for free. There is no fee to download the game and there is no fee to play it, the only thing you have to do is download it and install it.

The game is a fun game and it keeps you occupied for quite a while, it is a time killer game and you can spend hours playing the game. The game is similar to Gardenscapes and it is similar to other puzzle games like Candy Crush.

The object of the game is to clean up the house, make it look beautiful and make it look like you live there. There are a lot of stages in the game and after each stage you will get new furniture. There are different rooms in the house and you have to clean up each room. The rooms have different obstacles and they are different from each other.


In Homescapes, you play as a young man who was left an old mansion by his grandfather. The old mansion needs some fixing up and Terence wants to make it into a beautiful home again. The player's goal is to restore and decorate the mansion. In order to restore and decorate the mansion, the player must remove the old furniture and replace it with new ones. The player must also remove the old wallpaper and paint the walls. Terence has a lot of furniture that he can buy from the local stores to use in the mansion. You can earn money and unlock things by playing a 3-in-a-row minigame.


Homescapes graphics are 2D but quite detailed and good-looking.  There are a lot of animated effects, which I really like. You can see the water dripping from the plants, the water flowing in the fountain, the bubbles in the pool, the fire in the fireplace, the snow falling outside the window, the falling leaves and so on.


The replayability of the game is excellent. The levels are not the same, as they are generated randomly. So you always have a new experience. The game also has two game modes. One is the story mode which is the main part of the game. The second is the puzzle mode which is like the story mode but the levels are generated randomly and you have to beat them all to complete the puzzle. So if you are a person who loves challenges then you can always go for puzzle mode. The game is also very easy to play. There is no age restriction for the game. So if you are old enough then you can play the game.


Homescapes is a very fun game with good graphics, nice music, and a good story. The game makes you happy and gives a feeling of satisfaction. I recommend this game for everyone.


  • It is free to play
  • It is available in Android and IOS
  • Different kinds of levels and difficulty
  • Beautiful design and colors


  • Too many ads
  • It is hard to get enough diamonds to buy tools
By Sienna Granger 12 Jul 2021


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