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Hello Neighbor

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Hello Neighbor is a horror game where you are trying to find out what your neighbor is hiding in his basement. It is a game where you play as the neighbor's next-door neighbor that is a kid trying to figure out what is going on in the house.

The neighbor in the game is very smart and the game is very hard to beat. He will move things out of the way, set up traps, and more. There are three ways to try to win the game.


Hello Neighbor gameplay is focused on sneaking around and avoiding being detected by the enemy AI. The gameplay consists of multiple levels, each with a different layout and enemies. The player controls a character who is trying to infiltrate his neighbor's house and discover the secrets that he keeps in the basement. The player character can interact with objects in the environment, climb through windows, and unlock doors. The player character can crouch, walk, and run, and can jump over small fences. While walking or running, the player character will attract attention if they are too close to an enemy or if an enemy sees the player character through a window. The player character can hide behind objects, in bushes, or on the floor to avoid detection by the enemy AI.


The graphics of the game are cartoonish, with a touch of realism. The color palette is quite limited, but the graphics are still very nice. The graphics are not the most important part of such games as Hello Neighbor, but at least they don't distract from the gameplay.


Even though the AI is unpredictable and hard to beat, this game is not very replayable, because once you finish the game and find out the mystery, the game will become much less interesting to play again. For the replayability of this game, I recommend you to try to find out the mystery in different ways.


Hello Neighbor is a good game with a new and interesting approach to the stealth genre of games, but in the end it is still a stealth game, and therefore it is not for everyone. But for those who enjoy stealth games, this game offers a new experience and a lot of fun.


  • Players can explore Neighbor's house
  • It's a horror game
  • Good AI
  • Good concept


  • Not so good replayability
By Desmond Goodwin


Hello Neighbor Hello Neighbor

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