WhatsApp Chat Backups to Count Against Google Storage Quota Starting December

  • Sienna Granger

If you're picking up a fresh Android handset, transferring your WhatsApp isn't a headache—you just sign in, shift your cloud backup to your new gadget, and watch as your conversations and files swiftly populate your new phone.

Up until now, WhatsApp's backup feature on Android has been comfortably cost-free, contrasting the scenario on other platforms. But things are poised for a change. Google made it official that starting in December, WhatsApp's chat backups will begin eating into your Google account's storage limit.

Google provides a standard 15GB of complimentary storage, which is pooled across Gmail, Google Photos, and a swath of other apps from the tech titan. Soon, your WhatsApp backups will have to squeeze into that same space. Given the potential bulk of lengthy WhatsApp histories and rich media exchanges, this could pose a storage challenge for many.

Users facing a bulky backup could take one of three paths. The first is to completely turn off cloud backups, a straightforward process—just navigate to your WhatsApp settings, then to chats, and alter the backup preferences to never sync with Google Drive. However, this choice comes with the risk of permanent data loss should your device meet an unfortunate fate.

If you're not ready to part with your cloud backups, you could instead slim down their size. This involves the laborious task of sifting through your messages and media to remove what’s not essential. Understandably, this could lead to some hard choices for those with valued memories saved in their backups.

The final option is to expand your Google storage capacity. While this comes at a financial cost, the 100GB plan at $1.99 per month will likely suffice for the storage needs of most WhatsApp users' backups.

As Google's policy shift approaches, how will you adapt your storage strategy? Share your thoughts and planned actions in the poll mentioned.

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