WarTales Surpasses 600,000 Copies Sold, Proving Its Success as a Challenging and Engaging Mercenary RPG

  • Sienna Granger

WarTales, the iturn-based tactics RPG from Shiro Games, has recently announced a significant milestone in its sales, having sold over 600,000 copies. The game, initially released in December 2021, has quickly gained a loyal following among RPG enthusiasts who appreciate its challenging gameplay and immersive storyline.

Shiro Games, the studio behind popular titles such as Northgard and Evoland, has once again proven their expertise in creating engaging and unique gaming experiences. WarTales is set in a medieval world plagued by war, famine, and disease, where players must navigate through its harsh environments to survive and thrive. The game boasts a rich and diverse open world, offering players the opportunity to explore, trade, and engage in thrilling battles against various foes.

Furthermore, WarTales stands out with its tactical turn-based combat system, which requires players to think strategically and make the most of their mercenaries' unique abilities. Personalizing your band of mercenaries, managing their attributes, and upgrading their equipment are crucial elements of the game. Additionally, the game ensures that each playthrough is distinct through its procedurally generated content, making the experience fresh and exciting for players every time.

The sale of over 600,000 copies of WarTales is a testament to the game's success and the growing interest in challenging and immersive RPGs. As Shiro Games continues to develop and expand the world of WarTales through regular updates, it is expected that the game's popularity will only continue to rise. For fans of the RPG genre seeking a fresh and engaging experience, WarTales is undoubtedly a must-play title.

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