The Anticipation Builds: Is Respawn Entertainment Hinting at a Major Surprise for Titanfall 2 Enthusiasts?

  • Sienna Granger

Will there be a new Titanfall game? Earlier this year, it seemed like the answer would be no, as Respawn appeared to have scrapped the development of a third Titanfall game in favor of Apex Legends.

However, recent actions by Respawn, including a surprise patch to Titanfall 2, suggest that the franchise might be revived. GamesRadar noted that fans on Reddit are eagerly seeking additional hints, with some believing they've found one in the game's featured playlists.

The most recent mode to be introduced is called The Otherside. Observant fans linked this to Otherside, a song by Red Hot Chili Peppers from their seventh studio album.

Some think this theory is a stretch, while one Reddit user commented, "this is either god-tier trolling or a confession at this point." Though it seems improbable that a third Titanfall game is in the works, given Respawn's commitments to Apex Legends and a third Star Wars Jedi game, it's not impossible.

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