Street Fighter 6 Unveils Sneak Peek into its Second DLC Character, A.K.I.

  • 08-08-2023 |
  • Desmond Goodwin

For video game aficionados, the annual EVO fighting game tournament represents a rolling tide of excitement, unfolding announcements, and the thrill of competitive gaming. This year, it served as the platform for Capcom to provide fans an enticing glimpse into its second DLC character for the beloved Street Fighter 6, introduced earlier this year. Cementing its spot in a star-studded lineup of games at the tournament, Street Fighter 6 managed to grab headlines by unveiling the character A.K.I.

The DLC for Street Fighter 6 first season boasts four distinct characters, a cocktail of familiar faces, and an infusion of fresh blood. One of these returning contenders, Rashid, was added to the fray in July, expanding the selection of characters to a robust 19. Nevertheless, the star of the show at EVO was A.K.I., the first and only completely original character in this season’s DLC. The character was presented in a brief yet impactful teaser that left fans buzzing with anticipation.

A.K.I.'s reveal comprised an intriguing teaser video that portrayed a cutscene from her point of view within the game's World Tour single-player campaign. A.K.I. is found searching for a pouch of herbal medicine, only to administer a potent poison to the Custom Character teasingly. This act is projected to be the introduction to A.K.I.'s unique set of fighting skills. The trailer also confirms that the character will enter the game in Autumn 2023.

There is an air of mystery surrounding A.K.I., with her character appearing to be an amalgamation of key traits from different past Street Fighter characters. Her sadistic charm mirrors that of Juri Han, while the use of poison and claw-like appendages hint at a connection with F.A.N.G. from Street Fighter 5. Adding to the intrigue is a chilling undertone reminiscent of horror films, marked by her oddly pale skin and disturbing body contortions. This neat blend of mystery and familiarity has already made her a fan favorite.

Capcom's announcement at EVO was further sweetened as they revealed a crossover collaboration between Street Fighter 6 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The event will allow players to deck their Custom Characters in the attire of their favorite shell-clad heroes and acquire exclusive cosmetics. Slated to commence on August 8, 2023, this collaboration represents the cherry on top of the exciting reveals for Street Fighter 6. If the response so far is any indication, A.K.I.'s entrance into the game and this unique crossover are set to deliver a remarkable gaming experience for fans in the months ahead.

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