Revival of Elusive Warhammer: The Old World - Releasing Next Year!

  • Desmond Goodwin

The return of the beloved Warhammer: The Old World into the games' universe has been eagerly awaited since its announcement by Games Workshop in 2019. The wait is finally over! As part of their Warhammer Day 2023 celebrations, Games Workshop confirmed that they are set to release it as one of the initial launches in 2024.

Warhammer: The Old World Revived is not a continuation of the Age of Sigmar but a fascinating journey back to the original Warhammer Fantasy setting. Its resemblance to the map of Renaissance Europe with the lurking Chaos forces would remind you of Total War or Vermintide videogames. It is the familiar old setting that has captivated fans for years, now wrapped up in a dynamic new package!

The Kingdom of Bretonnia will be the first complete army to be showcased in this game, promising a richly detailed world of knights and peasants. The innovative inclusion of knight miniatures on foot and a handmaiden of the lady depicted in serene battle bearings in resin - a first for Warhammer. The peasant units, including archers, are truly artful, designed in precise detail in plastic.

With this new release, Games Workshop again promises an immersive gaming experience that underscores realistic strategy execution. Each box contains sufficient plastic miniatures to create an entire regiment instead of a few ranks. For instance, the Peasant Bowmen box allows players to build a 32-archer strong unit, complete with a command group and Defensive Stakes, fulfilling the players’ desires of creating ranked-up sizeable armies.

In conclusion, Warhammer: The Old World is a nostalgic journey into the Age of Three Emperors, providing an opportunity to explore the time before the Great War Against Chaos seen in games like Mordheim, bringing a fresh perspective into the original setting. The debut will concentrate on the Border Princes and surrounding nations, encompassing an extensive array of core factions. Simultaneously, they'll cater to the Skaven and Vampire Count fans by offering free rules in PDF formats. So, fans, brace yourself as the compelling world of Warhammer: The Old World is coming our way in 2024!

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