Grammar Guru Google: The Search Engine's New Feature

  • Sienna Granger

Ever wanted an instant grammar guru while drafting a quick email or typing a WhatsApp message? Google has discreetly rolled out an ingenious feature to make this happen just for you. Called the 'grammar check' feature, it aims to enhance the quality of your written communications by analyzing their grammatical correctness right on the search engine.

Imagine typing "the quick brown fox jump over the lazy dog," and Google immediately points out that it should be "jumps" instead of "jump." While it's true that most people may not be overly concerned about the grammatical soundness of their search phrases, Google seems to have intentionally created this tool for wider use. It could be a handy aid for people who want to ensure their sentences are grammatically sound before sending off that important email or text.

This feature was quietly rolled out at the end of June, as confirmed by Google spokesperson Colette Garcia. It adds to the increasingly extensive list of tools integrated into Google Search. These tools radically transform Google from being merely a search engine into a multi-purpose platform, ready to assist with a wide variety of tasks right there in your search bar.

The new feature relies on AI systems to evaluate the grammar of your input. However, Google's support page mentions that while it strives for accuracy, it may not always be 100% right, especially with partial sentences. The feature is also able to spot and correct spelling mistakes, making it even more useful for users.

Finally, a test run revealed some limitations in the feature. While Google Docs was able to identify the grammatical error in the sentences "my field has fewer grass than my neighbor’s" and "my field has fewer blades of grass than my neighbor's," Google Search only identified the error in the first sentence. Despite these early teething problems, the grammar check feature is a promising addition to Google's arsenal of user-friendly tools.

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