Cheeky Reaper Trick Shocks Overwatch 2 Opponents

  • 28-02-2023 |
  • Polad Aladi

Reaper is a fan favorite in Overwatch 2, and the hero's Ultimate ability, Death Blossom, is the stuff of nightmares for opponents. Recently, one player devised a clever strategy utilizing Wraith Form and Death Blossom, which caught their enemies by surprise, and even seasoned players are taking note.

During a game on the Numbani map, one Reaper user decided to use Wraith Form to turn invulnerable and move toward the enemy team, in a move meant to draw out the opposing Lucio's Sound Barrier. Once the enemy had used their Ultimate ability to counter, Reaper retreated, allowing them to use Death Blossom at another time without the threat of a counter Ult.

On Reddit, the player shared a video depicting their cheeky strategy, which has since garnered a lot of attention from the Overwatch 2 community. Players have expressed interest in trying out this trick for themselves and admired the user for their out-of-the-box thinking.

In discussing the clip, many users pointed out that the ability to resist using Death Blossom while in the middle of the enemy team can be challenging. Some also argued that other characters, such as Reinhardt and D.Va, have relatively easy-to-read Ultimate abilities too.

Overall, this Reaper trick is definitely something worth trying if you're comfortable with the hero and wish to turn the tide of a game in your favor. It's also a reminder of the potential of creative strategies in competitive gaming as more players become aware of this tactic. Until that happens, this strategy could be a great way to catch Overwatch 2 opponents by surprise.

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