Breaking New Ground: First Look at Midwinter Entertainment's Project T

  • Desmond Goodwin

Midwinter Entertainment, the studio under Behaviour Interactive, has offered a tantalizing first glimpse of their latest venture, Project T. This new game promises to be a 1-4 player PvE co-op shooter, expanding the universe fans have come to love from Dead by Daylight. Though still in its early stages, Project T is already generating buzz with its intriguing premise and connection to the established lore. 

In Project T, players assume the role of "trespassers," people who are suddenly taken from their familiar world and trapped by the Entity in a strange place called The Backwater. The Backwater is not just a static backdrop but an ever-changing landscape, adding layers of complexity and replayability to the game. The artistic direction, led by Risa Taneda, ensures that this world is as dynamic as it is engaging.

The game offers a robust challenge with its array of monsters called "The Thrall." These creatures come in various forms, each armed with unique abilities, ensuring that players will need to adapt and strategize to survive. The familiar elements from Dead by Daylight are woven seamlessly with new characters, gameplay mechanics, and settings, offering a fresh yet nostalgic experience for long-time fans.

While Project T is primarily being developed for PC, there's no word yet on other platforms. However, Midwinter Entertainment has launched an Insider Program, which promises to involve players directly in the game's development. Through this program, participants can expect regular updates, opportunities for playtesting, and a chance to shape the game as it evolves.

In conclusion, Project T appears to be a promising addition to the Dead by Daylight universe, expanding on the lore while introducing new elements that should appeal to both new and returning players. As we anticipate additional details and a confirmed release date, the Insider Program provides an exclusive chance for enthusiasts to participate and shape what has the potential to be a revolutionary game in the PvE co-op shooter category. Keep a lookout for Project T – it could very well become the next major hit.


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