Avoid This Common Mistake in Solo Leveling: ARISE to Save Your Account

  • Sienna Granger

Solo Leveling: ARISE has captivated the gaming community, achieving an impressive milestone of over 15 million pre-registrations. This action RPG, inspired by the acclaimed South Korean web novel, immerses players in a dynamic world where they assume the roles of formidable Hunters fighting formidable adversaries. But as thrilling as it sounds, there's a crucial mistake many players make that could lead to rerolling their account.

The game, reminiscent of Genshin Impact in its mechanics, features a combat system where each character boasts a series of skills with short cooldowns, culminating in a powerful ultimate ability. The dodge system, echoing souls-like games, adds another layer of complexity and excitement. But to truly excel, you need to balance your resources wisely, particularly when it comes to pulling Hunters and Weapons.

YouTuber Volkin Gacha advises a 2-2 ratio for pulling Hunters and Weapons, leveraging the game's fair selection system due to its wishlist feature. This balanced approach is crucial because Gold, a vital resource, is in short supply. Focusing too much on one aspect—be it Hunters or Weapons—can leave players in a bind, with either strong characters wielding weak weapons or powerful gear with no skilled Hunters to use them.

An exception to this rule is the Cha Hae-In banner, available at the game's launch. As one of the best Hunters, she comes with a Signature weapon obtainable through an event, bypassing the usual resource strain. While upgrading her will still require a lot of Gold, the investment is worthwhile, given her premier status in the game. 

In conclusion, achieving the right balance between pulling Hunters and Weapons can significantly impact your gameplay experience. Remember to utilize the wishlist system effectively and prioritize your pulls to avoid running into resource shortages. This strategy will help you enjoy Solo Leveling: ARISE without the frustration of having to reroll your account. So, dive in, plan strategically, and lead your Hunters to victory!


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