Unveiling the Secrets of Ancient Technology in Palworld: Your Comprehensive Guide

  • Desmond Goodwin

Unlock the treasure trove of crafting with the Ancient Technical Manual in Palworld, a blueprint to some of the game's most exceptional items. This detailed walkthrough provides you with actionable steps to accumulate Ancient Technology Points crucial for your journey. Whether you're battling powerful Alpha bosses or strategizing through Raid challenges, this guide offers multiple pathways to success.

Step 1: Understanding Ancient Technology Points

Understanding Ancient Technology Points

What are Ancient Technology Points?

Ancient Technology Points are a special form of currency in Palworld. They allow you to unlock exclusive crafting recipes that are essential for advancing your gameplay. These coveted points can significantly enhance your experience by giving you access to powerful items and building recipes.

Step 2: The Path to Acquiring Ancient Technology Points

Defeat or Capture Alpha Bosses

Initially, the primary way to amass Ancient Technology Points involved defeating or capturing Alpha bosses encountered during your explorations. Each first-time victory or capture would reward you with these valuable points, pushing you closer to unlocking advanced crafting recipes.

Introduction of Raid Battles

With the game's update introducing Raid battles, a new avenue for acquiring Ancient Technology Points was opened. These Raid battles not only add an exciting layer to your gameplay but also drop several key items, including the Ancient Technical Manual.

Step 3: Obtaining the Ancient Technical Manual

Building a Summoning Altar

Obtaining the Ancient Technical Manual

To participate in raid battles and have a chance to earn the Ancient Technical Manual, your first task is to construct a summoning altar. Required to initiate raid battles, the altar can be a gateway to accumulate additional ancient technology points.

  • Unlock the Recipe: Progress in Palworld until you reach at least player level 33 to unlock the crafting recipe for the Summoning Altar.
  • Gather Materials: Collect 100 stones and 20 Paldium Fragments to complete the build.
  • Allocate Space: Ensure you have a spacious area in one of your Base terrains, as the Summoning Altar requires significant space.

Triggering Raid Battles

With your Summoning Altar ready, the next step involves triggering Raid battles. This process entails:

  • Collect Slab Fragments: Engage in dungeon challenges to gather at least four Slab Fragments of the same type. These fragments can sometimes be found in the game's purple chests.
  • Create a Slab: Use the Production Assembly Line II to reinforce your collected fragments into a single Slab.
  • Initiate the Raid: Place the Slab in the Summoning Altar to start a Raid battle. Note that the altar breaks after each use, necessitating a rebuild for subsequent raids.

Utilizing Ancient Technology Points from the Ancient Technical Manual

Once you've successfully obtained the Ancient Technical Manual from a Raid battle, these manuals can be used to acquire additional Ancient Technology Points. Keeping a stockpile of materials for rebuilding your Summoning Altar is advised, as this allows you to continuously engage in Raid battles and maximize your chances of obtaining more manuals.

Utilizing Ancient Technology Points from the Ancient Technical Manual


Getting your hands on the Ancient Tech Guide in Palworld is an exciting journey that combines strategy with combat. Following the steps in this guide will help you unlock advanced crafting recipes and greatly improve your gameplay experience. Remember, as you defeat formidable Alpha bosses or fight in raid battles, each victory takes you one more stage closer to mastering Palworld's ancient technology.

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