Unlocking Secrets in Geometry Dash: The Ultimate Guide to Redeemable Codes

  • Desmond Goodwin

Geometry Dash, the rhythm-infused game by RobTop Games, took the gaming world by storm when it launched in August 2013. With its catchy tunes and intricate levels, it quickly amassed a dedicated fanbase. Players tirelessly worked to beat levels, earning in-game rewards such as diamonds that unlocked content like new avatars and modes. The game also included a unique feature that allowed players to create and share their own levels, stoking the competitive spirit of gamers worldwide.

For those keen on personalizing their experience even further, Geometry Dash offers access to three distinct vaults: The Vault, The Vault of Secrets, and The Chamber of Time. Each vault is a treasure trove of codes that release exclusive icons and colors, provided players meet certain unlock criteria.

It is important for players to be proactive in redeeming these codes, as they tend to expire without warning. Each code has a single use per account, which underscores the need to stay updated on newly released codes that might present new stages or aesthetic options.

As of January 15, 2024, the following list details all functional codes for the first vault known as The Vault:

- "Lenny" grants players a Lenny icon.
- "Blockbite" unlocks a UFO.
- "Spooky" reveals a Shy Guy Icon.
- "Neverending" provides another UFO design.
- "Mule" presents a unique Ship.
- "Ahead" leads to a new Wave.
- "Gandalfpotter" gives out a trail.
- "Sparky" gifts a Secret Coin.
- "Robotop" serves a robot.
- Typing your in-game username rewards an eye.
- The numerical sequence "8-16-30-32-46-84" unlocks an Illuminati Wave.

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To make use of these codes, players first need to bag 10 Silver User Coins. These can be acquired by completing Online Feature Levels flawlessly. Afterward, players can open the Settings within the game and tap the lock symbol, which takes them to The Vault. Inputting each code correctly will result in the reward being immediately dispensed.

For those intrigued by The Vault of Secrets, 50 Diamonds are required, which can be obtained through various in-game actions such as daily chests and quests. Once the Diamonds have been collected, gamers should navigate to the main menu, select the unlocked icon, and input the codes as follows:

- "Robotop" will again offer a Robot.
- "Octocube" unlocks an icon shaped like an octopus.
- "Brain Power" rewards a brain-shaped icon.
- "Seven" gives the icon of Finn from Adventure Time.
- "thechickenisonfire" provides a swamp green color.
- "The Challenge" opens Vault Keepers level.
- "Gimmiethecolor" grants a dark red color.
- Entering the number of stars you've earned in the game fetches a unique icon.
- "It’s a Puzzle" and "Glubfub" both unlock a Secret Coin each.

Geometry Dash game holds many secrets

Discover the Chamber of Time: Unveiling the Mysteries with New Codes in Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash holds many secrets, and one of the most enigmatic is the Chamber of Time. This hidden nook offers players who have the determination and skill a chance to access special rewards. As of the latest check, the following codes are active and can unlock various items within the Chamber of Time:

- "Volcano" erupts with a new Wave design.
- "River" flows into a dark green color palette.
- "Silence" echoes in the form of the second default Icon.
- "Darkness" reveals a mysterious Face Icon.
- "Hunger" manifests as an Icon inspired by appetite.

For those intrepid players looking to delve into the Chamber of Time, the path is not straightforward. It begins by conquering a challenge hidden within The Vault of Secrets. Here's a step-by-step guide to unlocking the elusive chamber:

  • Navigate to The Vault of Secrets and input "The Challenge" into the designated code box. This will trigger a special level that requires 200 Diamonds to access.
  • Face the challenge head-on and succeed. Post-victory, explore the lower right side of the screen for a door symbol. Tap it and be led downwards.
  • You’ll be greeted by a demon behind a locked door, eager for liberation. Engage with the three keyholes to awaken them.
  • Shift your attention to the "Coming Soon!" area on the main selection screen, where you'll find an 'i' icon. Tap this to conjure up a door where a keeper awaits your interaction.
  • Once you’ve accumulated 500 Diamonds, revisit The Vault of Secrets and look for a button that leads to a space laced with a green rope—this unlocks the secret shop. Here, procure the Master Emblem and journey back to the "Coming Soon!" entrance. With the emblem, the door to the Chamber of Time will yield, allowing you to step inside.
  • Within the confines of the Chamber of Time, enter the codes wisely to claim your hard-earned rewards.

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Geometry Dash players who follow these steps have the opportunity to add a touch of exclusivity to their gameplay, accessing rare items that are hidden away in the Chamber of Time's depths.

By keeping these steps handy, players of Geometry Dash can infuse their gaming experience with an extra layer of personalization and fun, thanks to these redeemable codes.

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