Mastering the Battle: A Comprehensive Guide to Defeating Bronya in Honkai: Star Rail

  • Sienna Granger

Honkai: Star Rail introduces a challenging adversary in the form of Bronya, a powerful character who players encounter in different stages of the game. This comprehensive guide will outline the best strategies on how to beat Bronya in the various encounters: the main Quest, Forgotten Hall, and Simulated Universe.

1. The Quest Encounter with Bronya

The Quest Encounter with Bronya

To beat Bronya during the Quest encounter, players need to deal with her 150 Toughness and exploit her weaknesses to Physical, Fire, and Imaginary. There are several tactics that can be employed to emerge victorious:

Focus on defeating the Silvermane Soldier and Silvermane Gunner

Bronya summons these minions and removes her weaknesses while they are active. Quickly eliminating these smaller units will help to reveal her vulnerabilities again. Recommended team compositions include a mix of Physical, Wind, and Quantum-focused characters, along with Asta for her effective Toughness-breaking ability:

  • Physical Trailblazer + Dan Heng + March 7th + Asta.
  • Physical Trailblazer + Seele + Natasha + Asta.

2. Confronting Bronya in the Forgotten Hall

Confronting Bronya in the Forgotten Hall

In the Forgotten Hall encounter, Bronya has increased Toughness to 210, but her overall abilities remain the same. Using the team compositions and strategies mentioned for the Quest encounter should yield similar results in defeating her.

3. Battling Bronya in the Simulated Universe

The Simulated Universe level 6 features Bronya as a support to the boss Cocolia. In this scenario, she has 150 Toughness and loses her ability to summon Silvermane minions. Instead, her role is to cleanse and grant an additional turn to Cocolia, allowing her to execute devastating attacks without delay. The key is to balance attacks on both Cocolia and Bronya, focusing on both opponents' weaknesses:

Dealing with Cocolia and her Ice Edges

Cocolia has 360 Toughness and is weak to Fire, Lightning, and Quantum. Bronya and Cocolia both possess high resistance to Control effects, so strategies based on controlling them will not be effective. Consider including a Fire support, a Lightning or Quantum DPS character, and a single-target Physical character in your team compositions:

  • Jing Yuan + Seele + Natasha + Fire Trailblazer.
  • Sushang + Seele + Asta + Natasha.
  • Serval + Asta + Bailu + Clara.

Control Cocolia's damage output

While you should prioritize eliminating Cocolia, be mindful of Bronya as well. Letting her live too long may result in an even stronger Cocolia in her final phase. Therefore, a balanced lineup capable of dealing with both foes simultaneously is crucial.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Mastering the strategies and team compositions for each encounter with Bronya will significantly improve your chances of success in Honkai: Star Rail. By following this guide and adapting your approach based on the specific stage, you will be well on your way to overcoming Bronya's challenging battles and advancing further in the game.

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