Mastering Neuvillette: Perfecting Team Compositions in Genshin Impact

  • Sienna Granger

Neuvillette, the Hydro Dragon and Chief of Justice in Genshin Impact Fontaine, is a popular character known for his impressive strength. His gameplay focuses on charging attacks by using a surge of water torrent resulting from his unique ability to produce Sourcewater Droplet. This not only reduces the charging time but also enhances his potential when combined with proper Elemental Reactions and his second Ascension passive. Hence, it's evident that mastering Neuvillette requires not only an adept understanding of his unique abilities but also the right teammates.

Propitious Team Composition for Neuvillette

Propitious Team Composition for Neuvillette

The optimal team composition for Neuvillette should consist of him along with Nahida, Xiangling, and Zhongli. This team's strength lies in the number of Elemental Reactions it supports, making it remarkably effective against bosses. The team also offers reliable resistance to interruptions during Neuvillette's Charge Attack, ensuring a smoother and more efficient offensive strategy.

The Winning Strategy

The trick to maximizing this team's potential is to deploy the team members' skills sequentially. Start with Zhongli's unique ability, followed by activating Nahida's seeds of Skandha on the enemy. The next step involves launching Xiangling's Pyro attack to burn the opponent, which allows Neuvillette's Vaporize ability to devastate the enemy further. Also, bear in mind that this strategy works best against single-target opponents and may yield different results against multiple enemies. Positioning and range also come into play for maintaining efficiency.

Alternative Team Composition for Neuvillette

If Xiangling's Pyro ability is not available, players can create an alternate multi-reaction team for Neuvillette by involving the Hyperbloom reaction. This approach works remarkably well against multiple enemies and can include Baizhu for healing and shielding, Raiden Shogun for triggering Hyperbloom, and Venti for reducing the enemy's Hydro RES and restoring energy.

Other Viable Options

Other Viable Options

In case players want to explore other viable options for Neuvillette's team, they can also consider using Kuki Shinobu, Nahida, and Kazuha along with him. Although this team doesn't have a shielder, it compensates by debuffing the enemy's Hydro RES and buffing Neuvillette's Hydro DMG, apart from grouping the enemies, thus making for an effective combination.

In conclusion, using Neuvillette relies heavily on strategic team composition and efficient use of Elemental Reactions. So, whether you're facing a boss or a horde of enemies, remember that combining abilities effectively is the key to unleashing Neuvillette's full potential.

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