Epic Guide: Smashing Your Enemies with the Mighty Dwarfs in Total War: Warhammer 3

  • Desmond Goodwin

Greetings, fellow gamers, and Warhammer enthusiasts! Today, I'm going to take you on a thrilling journey through the world of Total War: Warhammer 3, focusing on one of the most potent and fearsome factions: the Dwarfs! These stout warriors may be short in stature, but they pack a wallop on the battlefield. I'll be providing you with an in-depth guide on how to assemble an elite Dwarf army capable of crushing your enemies. So strap on your armor, grab your axe, and let's dive into this epic adventure!

Step 1: Build Your Rock-Solid Core with Ironbreakers

Every mighty Dwarf army starts with a solid foundation of melee infantry, and there's no better choice than Ironbreakers. These heavily armored warriors are like walking fortresses, able to weather enemy attacks while dishing out brutal punishment in return. To build the foundation of your army:

  • Train at least three units of Ironbreakers
  • Keep them at the front line to absorb enemy charges
  • Use their satchel charge ability to deal devastating area-of-effect damage

Rain Down Death

Step 2: Rain Down Death with Quarrellers

Once you've established an unbreakable front line with your Ironbreakers, it's time to add some ranged firepower. Enter Quarrellers – these versatile crossbow-wielding marksmen can rain down death upon enemies from afar while staying safe behind your melee troops. Here's how to use them effectively:

  • Deploy at least two units of Quarrellers behind your Ironbreakers
  • Focus fire on high-value targets such as enemy monsters or elite troops
  • When needed, send them into melee combat – they're more than capable fighters!

Step 3: Unleash Your Monster: The Yoked Carnosaur

While the Dwarfs may not have access to many monstrous units, they do have one secret weapon that can turn the tide of any battle: the Yoked Carnosaur. This massive, reptilian beast is an absolute nightmare for enemies to deal with, and it can wreak havoc on their ranks. Here's how to employ this mighty monster:

  • Recruit a Yoked Carnosaur as soon as possible
  • Use it to target high-priority enemy units such as artillery or heavily armored troops
  • Keep it well-supported with healing spells or abilities to ensure its continued rampage

Bring Out the Big Guns Gyrobombers and Artillery

Step 4: Bring Out the Big Guns: Gyrobombers and Artillery

No Dwarf army is complete without some devastating war machines! Gyrobombers are flying death machines that can carpet bomb enemy formations, while Flame Cannons and Organ Guns provide brutal artillery support. Here's how to make the most of these powerful weapons:

  • Include at least one Gyrobomber in your army for aerial superiority
  • Deploy one or two units of Flame Cannons and Organ Guns behind your main battleline
  • Focus their fire on tightly packed enemy formations or particularly dangerous foes

Step 5: Enlist the Services of Norgrimlings Ironbreakers

When you're looking for a truly elite force to add even more might to your Dwarf army, consider recruiting the Norgrimlings Ironbreakers. This Regiment of Renown brings all the strengths of standard Ironbreakers but adds even more durability and explosive power. Here's how to use them:

  • Replace one unit of regular Ironbreakers with Norgrimlings Ironbreakers
  • Position them in a key location on your front line where they'll be able to maximize their satchel charge ability
  • Send them headfirst into the most dangerous enemy units – they'll come out on top!

With these five steps in place, you'll have a Dwarf army that's ready to take on any foe in Total War: Warhammer 3. Remember that tactics and strategy are just as important as your unit composition – so always be prepared to adapt and change your approach as needed during each battle. Now, get out there and start smashing skulls! For the glory of the Dwarfs!

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