Empower Your Crusades: Summoning Followers in Cult of the Lamb

  • Sienna Granger

Embark on a mystical journey in Cult of the Lamb as you not only lead but also elevate your followers into powerful companions for your crusades. Understanding the intricacies of the Demonic Summoning Circle and the demon forms your followers can take is crucial. Let's delve into the steps to bring your dedicated disciples along for support and gain an edge in your righteous battles.

Step 1: Constructing the Demonic Summoning Circle

Constructing the Demonic Summoning Circle

Begin your journey by laying the foundation of your followers' transformation. Erect a Demonic Summoning Circle, a pivotal structure that grants your followers demonic prowess to aid you in battle. Procure the necessary materials as outlined below:

  • Demonic Summoning Circle: The first tier allows one demon and requires 20 Coins, 10 Stone, and 5 Lumber.

Step 2: Harnessing Upgraded Forms

As your cult flourishes and resources become plentiful, consider amplifying the power of your summoning edifice:

  • Demonic Summoning Circle II: Second tier, supports two demons, needs 4 Gold Bars, 3 Stone Blocks, and 1 Wooden Plank.
  • Demonic Summoning Circle III: Ultimate form, hosts three demons, demands 6 Gold Bars, 5 Stone Blocks, and 15 Spider Silk.

Step 3: Identifying the Demonic Companions

Identifying the Demonic Companions

Each follower is distinct, manifesting as a unique demon form that offers special combat abilities. It is irreversible, so choose wisely:

  • Fornax: Detonates near a chosen enemy, creating chaos.
  • Hathor: Embarks on a quest to retrieve red hearts for you.
  • Orcus: Engages in melee combat with nearby adversaries periodically.
  • Paean: Bless your next crusade with half a spirit heart.
  • Vesta: Launches projectiles at foes intermittently.
  • Vosegus: Automatically secures dropped Fervour, sparing you the collection.

Step 4: Selecting Your Demonic Ally

Evaluate the combat prowess and demon form of your followers. Depending on your strategy and combat style, certain demons will synergize better with your approach than others. Prioritize followers with beneficial demon forms and higher levels for a potent alliance.

Step 5: Resurrecting the Worthy

Resurrecting the Worthy

As your followers are subject to the sands of time, they can succumb to old age. When a valued follower departs, contemplating resurrection is a sensible strategy to retain their abilities and combat effectiveness for future endeavors.

Final Thoughts

Enrich your crusades with the empowered support from your cult. As you master the Demonic Summoning Circle and the nuances of each demon form, your journey in Cult of the Lamb becomes not only a testament to growth but also a strategic ensemble of unique capabilities. With followers by your side, your path to victory is joined by the loyalty and strength of your very own cult members.

With this guide, you are well-equipped to tackle challenges with your newfound demonic allies. Let the crusades be an extension of your cult's might, and remember, the strength of your followers mirrors the strength of your leadership. Be bold, be strategic, and let the lamb lead the way.

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